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Library Services


        "Five Laws of Library science

           1. Books are for use

           2. Every reader his/her books

           3. Every book its reader

           4. Save the time of a reader.

           5. Library is a growing organism."

                                                        Dr. S.R. Ranganathan



Reader's Services

Reader's Services aimed at strengthening the Reading Room service that includes reference and bibliographic services.

The total numbers of users who enrolled themselves for the Year 2012 is 2250. The library's Reading Room was utilized by over 70 readers per day at an average till March 2012. A far larger number of users use the library which includes other services like Circulation, Periodicals, Reprography etc. and more than 50 titles at an average were issued to the users till March 2012.

Opening Hours: 10 A. M. to 4.30 P. M. on all working days.

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