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Library Collections

Book Collection

The total collection of the library is 53,668, out of which there are about 100 volumes of bound periodicals in the library. Besides, there are also several current Subject Journals, magazines and newspapers subscribed to cater for the needs of its users. Certain books are on permanent issue to various departments. These are housed in their respective departments.


The following collections are organized for the benefit of the users:

Reference cum Reading Room Collection

Circulation Collection

Book Bank Collection

Award Winning Author Collection

Hem Barua Collection

North-East Corner collection

Competitive Exam Resource Corner

Book Bank
The Library provides Book Bank Facilities to the SC/ST and economically backward students of the college. At present the book bank's strength is about 400 books.

Hem Barua Collection
Sometimes special collections on something rare make a library well-known to the world. The Hem Barua Library has received a unique donation from the late Hem Barua, which includes about 400 volumes. A big portion of this collection consists of books on literature and International relations that add a distinctive flavour to the present stock of the library.


List of Subject Journal

1. Aitihya-The Heritage,

2. Current Science,

3. Dialogue,

4. Down to Earth,

5. Journal of Ramanujan Mathematical Society,

6. Pracya,

7. Quarterly Review of Historical Studies,

8. Resonance,

9.  Social Scientists,

10. University News.

List of Popular Magazines
1. India Today,

2. Frontline,

3. Sports Star,

4. G.K.

5. Competitive Success Review (CSR),

6. Digit,

7. Readers' Digest,

8. Maths To-Day,

9. Physics To-Day,

10. Chemistry To-Day,

11. Biology To-Day,

12. Gariyashi,

13. Satsari.

List of News Papers

Daily Papers

1. The Assam Tribune,

2. Dainik Agradoot,

3. Dainik Janambumi,

4. Pratidin,

5. Dainik Asom,

6. Amar Asom,

7. The Times of India,

8. Niyomiya Barta

9. Purvanchal Prahari

Weekly Papers

1. Asom Bani,

2. Sadin,

3. Agradoot.

Periodical Collection

Reading Room
Reading Room
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