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Library Committee

For the smooth functioning of the Library and its activities, every two-year college constitutes Library Committee. The main objective of the library committee is to decide and adopt policies to govern the management and programme of the library: to prepare the library's annual budget; to guide in acquiring and procurement of library resources and to frame rules and regulations of the library. It also ensures better and optimal uses of library resources, services, and facilities.

The committee consists, of the Principal as Chairman, Librarian as Member Secretary and senior faculty members. The committee formed for the year 2022-24 is as under-

  1. Dr. Satyendranath Barman, Chairman

  2. Mr Sumanta Borthakur, Member

  3. Ms. Sanam Das, Member Secretary

  4. Dr. Gitashree Tamuly, Member

  5. Dr. Ripa Kakati, Member

  6. Dr. Bijoysankar Goswami, Member

  7. Dr. Pranati Devi, Member

  8. Dr. Abhigyan Prasad, Member

  9. Dr. Manjula Phukan, Member

  10. Dr. Mridul Borthakur, Member

Two meetings of Library Committees are organized in an academic year, i.e. one in the first term and another in the second term. We also held frequent dialogues among committee members to have discussions on various Library related issues whenever required.

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