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The College Library, a key central facility, is named in commemoration of former principal and well-known parliamentarian, Hem Barua.  In order to achieve the institution's purpose of establishing excellence in teaching and research, the library has been completely computerized and serves as the centre of academic activity. The Institute's library resources are available to be utilized by all of the school's students, professors, and staff. The library also provides services to individuals outside the college community with the proper authorization from the college authority.

History of the Library

The B. Borooah College Library started its functioning in 1943 at Kamrup Academy School and later on shifted to new building in the year 1958 and accommodated in the present building in the year 2000. In the same year the library was renamed as "Hem Barua Library" after the name of its 2nd Principal late Hem Barua, a noted parliamentarian and educationist of the country.

At the initial stage of its development Shri Satish Kakati, a noted journalist and writer of the state was appointed as Librarian of this prestigious institution. Name of the Librarians since 1943:

1. Sri Satish Ch. Kakati,

2. Late Rajya Malla Deka,

3. Late Dilip Sarma,

4. Sri Biswajit Nath, 

5. Late Ramesh Malla Deka,

6. Sri Wooma Sankar Dev Nath,

7. Mrs Ajanita Das Dutta i/c.

8. Dr. Niraj Barua.

9. Mrs Ajanita Das Dutta i/c.

10. Ms Sanam Das (present).


Knowledge empowerment for all through efficient, exhaustive and expedicious supply of information.


The library will be recognized as a hub of research, learning and creativity focused on student success. We will excel in: collecting, preserving and providing access to the best scholarly and educational resources; providing high quality, innovative services; and creating a welcoming and comfortable physical environment

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